Crisis communication

Given the nature of infinite information sharing within the ever-evolving communications landscape, any organization is venerable to crisis. It could come in the form of hostile takeover or product tampering; employee indiscretion or unfounded defamation. Consequently, organizations face the possible loss of market share and competitive edge, employee alienation and destabilizing reputational damage. Moreover, the combination of media explosion and a perceiving shift in public expectation of companies has placed more risk to an organizations reality. Further, the embryonic social media and online conversations shape your brand and its perception with or without your participation.

At this point, every second will count. Effective crisis management in this new media era is defined not only by the message, but by the speed with which you deliver it. Quick, decisive communication is critical to ensuring customers, employees and shareholders maintain confidence in an organization, and ultimately, in its products or services.

At Brand Intelligensia, we believe that often it is not the crisis itself but how it is handled that defines the outcome. Every crisis situation is unique and requires the applicable resolution within the active window of time. Our team helps to assess your brand and organizations initial vulnerability through research and key audits. This information allows us to craft the correct response strategy to the existing crisis and develop customized and effective communications strategy that will ensure to activate tactical execution across all stakeholders. Our team will assist to provide relevant crisis training and rapid-response crisis management and help you navigate through the crisis and preserve your reputation. 

Our services:

  • - Setting up Crisis Management Cell
  • - Crisis Management Process and Plan
  • - Media Training
  • - Communication Training
  • - Media Audit and Analysis