Media Buying

We believe that in order for brands to build sustainable growth, they need to create closer connections with their consumers. We are moving to a time where we should start treating consumers as individuals rather than mass audience groups. Striving to create new brand experiences, through creative thinking, is an essential element in helping brands to build sustainable growth. Creative thinking also allows brands to differentiate themselves from their competitors, stand out and create those closer connections.

Here, at The Brand Intelligensia, our job is to identify the right mix to provide effective customer engagement which will deliver for your business growth ambitions. Once we have developed a media buying campaign formed on the basis of your business’ sales objectives and research, the plan is put into action. We will negotiate the best possible prices with media owners in print, television, radio, magazine and website owners for the space or airtime. After constructing and negotiating our client’s media plan, Brand Intelligensia diligently measures and optimizes the media buy using performance data to quantify current media effectiveness and provide straightforward insight into how you can significantly improve your CPA. By measuring unique consumer journeys, we can identify and optimise activity around the different engagement points along that journey, and manage the relationship the consumer has with the brand.

Our services include the following:

  • - Print
  • - OOH
  • - Radio
  • - Television
  • - Online