SEM - Google Campaigns

Customers mostly tend to search through Google by topic and location. So even if you already appear on Google, advertising next to relevant search results can help you increase your visibility on Google and get more visitors to your website. This is the basic concept of paid search engine marketing. With paid search, campaign organization is crucial for maximizing your advertising budget.  Campaigns in Google can be geographically and demographically targeted, and paid search advertising can be managed down to the hour of the day for placement. In addition to keyword based search, specific websites can also be targeted for placement with both text ads and creative banners within and outside of the search engine networks. Campaigns within search networks can be placed quickly and altered in real time based upon tracked and measured site analytics which increases performance and ROI. It also means that they can be discontinued at a moment’s notice if something it isn’t work or there is a change in messaging or goals.

The Brand Intelligensia offers practical optimization experience and a deeper understanding of keyword analytics. We help advertisers greatly increase their keyword relevance and bid optimization to drive better SEM result and increase their campaign's effectiveness. Our SEM team will take the time to architect a strategic plan for you, and carefully execute it to make sure you are going to get the best results possible. We will deliver a strategy that will give your website exposure for your keyword terms in Google search engine.

Our services:

  • - Paid Search Audit
  • - Campaign Organization
  • - Content Optimization
  • - Paid Search Keyword Optimization
  • - Budget Analytics and Reporting