Viral Campaignss

The online world is growing expansively and it has become an urgent demand to reach out to your audiences in every corner of the world. But it is equally essential to have an understanding of navigating in this world. The Brand Intelligensia will help you to set the course and travel through the lanes of the online world through effective handling the seeding process of your Viral campaigns.

Our team of online ‘web’ experts will research and analyse your audiences, their behaviour on digital channels and current social media trends. The team will work closely with you to ensure that the creative process and storyboard aligns with your business objectives, and resonates with your target audience. We will then plan, build, execute and manage a viable Viral campaign for your targeted market and demographic. Our team of content generators will help you to create the best content for blogs, articles, and videos. Through the viral campaigns, we will ensure that you reach out to influence the influencers in order to engage them with the wider targeted communities.

Our services:

  • - Video production
  • - Content creation for articles, blogs
  • - Social media marketing
  • - Seeding campaigns